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EQ3 Wine + Design

Cherry blossoms are beginning to bloom, the days are getting longer, and we’re finally swapping our thick winter coats for light spring jackets. With the season change in full swing, it’s time to start thinking of new and exciting ways to refresh our spaces.

As designers, it’s critical to keep mindful of the latest design trends and innovations as it is constantly evolving. It equips us with relevant knowledge and resources to fulfill a client’s vision while giving them confidence that our designs will integrate the most cutting-edge products and solutions.

The Pacific One design team recently visited the EQ3 Wine + Design Trade Event to get some inspiration and to check out the latest from their Spring/Summer 2018 collection. Just like their (mostly) Canadian-made products, the vibe was relaxed, yet sophisticated and refined. Here are our top two takeaways:

Resimercial is Taking Over
A portmanteau of residential and commercial, Resimercial developed as a result of increasingly blurred boundaries between home and workspaces, and the desire for less sterile areas in the office. EQ3 is capitalizing on this design movement with many of their home-style products in customizable solutions to seamlessly blend in commercial settings. 

Texture, Texture, Texture
Whether it’s a perceptive visual texture or an authentic tactile texture, a well-curated combination of different surfaces can literally transform the feeling that a space gives off. Distinctive textures of handwoven wool, leather, concrete, cork, and many others were easily spotted throughout their collection. With the minimalistic design, they were easily mixed and matched to create a balanced space.

There were lots more interesting and beautiful pieces that we are looking forward to incorporating into our designs. It was a great event to kick off the Spring 2018 season that left us feeling energized and inspired. We hope you’re excited about the new season just as much as we are! Now bring on Spring!

EQ3 Wine + Design Trade Event
EQ3 Wine + Design Trade Event