Complete in house solutions




From high end to budget driven projects, our builders provide a standardized level of exceptional quality and service. This allows us to manage building costs and scheduling without jeopardizing the design concept.


We believe it's essential that your space works for you and sometimes that means upgrading. Whether it's a new addition to your office or the build out of a new retail space, we can provide the services that support bringing these concepts to completion. 

New Build

Our builders understand that building from the ground up requires a strong foundation, which is exactly what we strive to create for our clients. Our entire team of designers, builders, and managers are here to guide you through the new build process so you can break ground on your project as soon as possible.


We have the capability to demolish buildings and other man made structures to make way for brand new projects. Prior to demolishing we ensure that all the necessary steps are in place such as getting permits, creating work plans, and disconnecting utilities.




We have the capability to provide all design, build, and management services in house or can work seamlessly with third party consultants. By using our in house services you benefit from better scheduling, early confirmation of price, and a primary point of contact


Our managers are well versed in the intricacies of the tendering and permitting processes. Utilizing our experience and relationships built within the industry we are comfortable moving our clients projects through this process as efficiently as possible.


Our managers take a hands on approach to management and give each of our clients projects the same care and attention to detail as we would our own. We pride ourselves on the ability to mitigate potential problems before they arise.


Due to the collaboration between designers, builders, and managers we are able to not only execute on projects but meet project budgeting and scheduling goals more efficiently.


Concrete Restoration

For over 10 years we have been providing innovative, state-of-the-art  rehabilitation  &  strengthening  solutions  for  restorations  and  upgrades.  Our team of skilled technical experts provide thorough investigation, assessment and corrective repairs with unparalleled integrity. 

Structural Deterioration

Buildings age and require maintenance.  Our experienced technicians can determine existing structure capacity, calculate additional load and provide structural concrete improvements or seismic upgrades.  Our modern approach also uses less intrusive systems such as the use of Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Polymers.

Strengthening & Retrofitting

Concrete structures that have design incompatibilities or construction deficiencies can be improved with several different techniques.  Or new requirements for increased load capacity can also be fulfilled through strengthening and retrofitting.  



Building Envelope

Protect your investment and ensure that any issues related to the exterior of the building are addressed before further damage sets in. 

Repairs and installation of the physical enclosure of a building and environmental separator such as windows, doors, brick work tie ins, roof repairs, control joint sealing, deck repairs, rain screen and flashings are a few examples of issues we regularly see.




Our team of designers understand that good design is good business. Which is why our designers they take the time to ask the right questions and understand our clients unique vision. This understanding shapes the project on all levels, from high level concept to the origin of materials for furniture selection.

Concept + Design

We believe interior design enhances the built environment. Which is why our designers pride themselves on their ability to collaborate with our clients and explore the concepts and designs that align with the projects vision. 

Drawings + Renderings

Our designers provide permit-ready construction drawings in collaboration with our builders and managers to provide the best project scheduling possible. Additonally, renderings are prepared both digitally and by hand so our clients can see their concepts and designs come to life visually.

Specification packages

Our designers are meticulous when it comes to detail and can provide a project specification package that outlines hard and soft specifications from fixtures right down to the color of tile grout.

Pre-Lease Space Planning

Our designers work with our clients to identify their project requirements and advise the most efficient, aesthetically pleasing use of space for their pre-lease.